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Welcome to the Friends of Croome Website...

The Friends of Croome started in 2004, to promote the work of the National Trust, encourage knowledge and better understanding of Croome and to initiate social activities and fund-raising. Funds raised through our activities go towards supporting projects at Croome.

Membership is diverse including those who simply love Croome, families whose forebears worked on the Croome Estate and National Trust volunteers involved in all aspects of the everyday running of Croome and with planning for its future.

Our oral history project has burgeoned into a remarkable record of recollections of life at Croome both during the time of the Coventry family and afterwards, along with photographic records for display. With Lottery Grant assistance, a booklet was produced and still the work of interviewing and recording goes on.

An events group provides an excellent programme of entertaining and informative talks, walks and visits specifically for Friends of Croome members.

Our superb second-hand bookshop, located next to main reception at Croome, is also a highly-successful means of fund raising.

We are proud of the high standard of our newsletter produced twice a year for members, containing informative articles and the latest on projects at Croome.

By becoming a Friend of Croome, your enjoyment of Croome will be enhanced by a feeling of belonging and involvement and by the enthusiasm of fellow members.

Friends Extra

Friends Extra is a new initiative aimed at Friends of Croome and Volunteers who want a little extra out of life. We all have dreams of going places, doing things, starting new hobbies, and following new interests, but we don’t always want to do it alone. Friends Extra aims to bring together like-minded people to pursue these dreams. You don’t have to be single, just willing to contribute and sometimes to take a lead. The group meets at monthly forums and coffee mornings to allow interest groups and activities to develop.

If you like to sit back and have everything organised for you, this isn’t the group for you. But if you would like to join us, all we ask is that you become a Friend of Croome, if you are not already (annual subscription £7.50), as that makes things much easier administratively, and that you bring a smile, a can-do attitude, and a cake on occasion.

For more information contact:
Sue Lloyd (suzilloyd01684@gmail.com) or Gill Collin (gillcll@aol.com)

The next meeting will be held in the newly restored RAF Orderlies Quarters at Croome on 2nd September at 10:30am.

Download the latest Friends Extra meeting notes from 18th November, 5th December, 9th January, March 19, 1st April, 3rd June.

Croome Heritage Trust

The primary objective of the Croome Heritage trust is to protect the heritage, archives and legacy of the Earls of Coventry for the foreseeable future. Its other main goal is to Educate; to inform interested parties on the Coventry family history and the history of Croome Court and its estate.

Click here to visit the website of Croome Heritage Trust

Friends of Croome Supporting the National Trust

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